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Minnehaha Park is one of the oldest parks in Minnesota and the second oldest in the United States. The park was conceived in 1883 and has been home to the Minnesota State Fair and a number of other events since the 19th century.

After a long period of decay, the mall closed in 2010 and was converted into a new centre called Shingle Creek Crossing. Brookdale Center is one of four "Dale Centers" (meaning the four Dale Centers that surround the Twin Cities) originally developed by Dayton. The others are in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minneapolis - Saint Paul and the University of Minnesota, and Rosedale is in Roseville. The Brooklyn Center has a "Brookdale" and there are other malls in the area, such as the Brooklyn Park Shopping Center.

This was done to separate the Sears mall at the same time, and the demolition teams should be careful not to accidentally ruin the walls of Sears. T.J. Maxx is now anchoring the new mall that stands where the old Sears (and other parts that were rescued) used to be. Outside the store is a more open center court, which would be used for simple mall events. I suspect Sears' second floor has been in existence for 30 years, but I'm not sure.

The main entrance to Sears is located on the northwest corner of the building, in khaki, and is light and non-textured. The entrance to the mall is located north of Sears and is in the new part of this mall, but it was located east of it before this part of the mall was rebuilt north of Sears. It has its own entrance and is the same exterior color as the Sears entrance, except for a small portion of the black and white cladding.

PUD Amendment No 2 was approved and envisaged on 12 September 2011 and was tabled and approved on 14 October 2013. Brookdale also applied for and won a $1.5 million grant from the city of Brooklyn Center for renovation. These improvements included a youth-oriented tenant, a seating restaurant and a new parking lot for the shopping center's multi-story parking garage. The amendments to the PUD guidelines for the St. Paul City Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Minneapolis City Council were approved on August 1, 2012 and September 2, 2010, respectively.

When Midwest Realty filed a Chapter 11 application, the loan was foreclosed on by the Equitable Life Assurance Company, the mall placed into receivership and held in court for several years. Over the years, an agreement was reached that would have brought WalMarts in and left the mall intact.

In July 1992, The Cure played at Target Center, and in spring 2001, Dayton became Macy's. I moved my employment to Perkins a few blocks east of Brookdale after my growing dissatisfaction with the management of Crapids and Perkins reached a breaking point. When I founded the Brooklyn Center in Perkins, my hatred of the community had become more refined, but there was no chance of getting a nursing job. If I really wanted a job as a waiter wearing my "1 Year Service" pin of Crapeids with such pride, I would have given up Perkins altogether.

Even in those early years, Brooklyn Center had a commercial area that consisted of a few shops, a grocery store and a few restaurants, but not much else. Brookdale Center's customers were not the same as those at Northtown Mall, the largest Metro mall. It was closer, it was a bigger, more modern shopping centre with a better shopping experience and better parking. Although its customer base was not as large as the larger area of the northern subway station, including the north side of Minneapolis, the Brookley Center also attracted large numbers of people from the large area north of the metro. With the opening of the Target Center and the new malls built on the original lawn of the mall, Brookdale began to change.

Although the Brooklyn Center saw a drop in overall crime, shoplifting increased, especially in areas where juvenile theft and robbery had increased 100 percent in the previous five years. Brookdale participated in a joint program with the Brooklyn Center that allowed juvenile offenders to apologize to the store for the first time, possibly make amends and avoid a criminal record. Beckett's full book value, which was $3 at the time, was not paid, but it still fell and customers began to move away from that once-thriving knot.

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